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National Karate West Ashley OVERVIEW

Karate is an introspective art form of Martial Arts that predominantly involves punching, kicking, and striking. Many adults and parents choose to sign their children up for Karate because it teaches confidence, perseverance, and self-defense skills.


National Karate West Ashley CHILDREN

American Free Style isĀ a very modern and diverse style of Karate. At National Karate MMA, our students learn hard style techniques of Japanese Karate, explosive kicking dynamics of Taekwondo, powerful punching skills of Boxing, and grappling techniques of Jiu Jitsu.

National Karate West Ashley ADULTS

National Karate MMA West Ashley teaches a diverse style known as American Free Style. American Freestyle consists of a plethora of different martial arts styles, such as Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Japanese Karate, and Israeli Combat. By not limiting ourselves to one particular style, we are able to teach reality based martial arts and train for almost any situation.

National Karate West Ashley After School and Summer Camp

After School Samurais are picked up from school in our Samurai buses and shuttled back to our martial arts school, where a fun and exciting afternoon of snacks, homework, martial arts class, playtime, video games, movies, & more awaits them!

Samurais Summer Camp is packed full of action and adventure! Field trips to the waterpark, skating rink, bowling, movies, and so much more!


We are dedicated to empowering you or your child with the physical and mental fitness needed to succeed in everyday life.

Taekwondo will help you overcome fear, anger and self-doubt, and leave you feeling confident in any situation. We offer discipline and focus in ways that you may not yet, believe you could achieve. Stop by! You will believe!

1119 Wappoo Rd suite k, Charleston, SC 29407

National Karate West Ashley

1119 Wappoo Rd suite k, Charleston, SC 29407

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